Cowgirl Boot Fashion Spring 2014

Spring 2014

As time changes, naturally, so does fashion! Ladies western boots are more popular than ever it seems. Many women are abandoning their everyday shoes and taking the plunge into western wear. Proms, weddings, graduations, and numerous other occasions seem to suddenly welcome cowboy boots as an acceptable form of attire. Why wear heels when you can […]

Bed Stu Boots: Gritty, High-Quality, and Handmade

Bed Stu Black Hand Wash GoGo Boots

Forget the mass-produced boots: Sterling Leather now carries Bed Stu boots! Bed Stu prides themselves in being one of the few companies that still provides customers with cobbler handcrafted shoes. Their style is a marriage between the old and the new. The company combines classic cowboy boots with trending styles. While the style of each […]

Ariat Now Offers Wallets and Belts

Ariat Wallet

Ariat watches, boots, and belts can now be found at Sterling Leather!  Ariat is best known for their high-quality boots that were originally designed with equestrians in mind, and you will see the same high-quality and durability show up in their wallets and belts. Here is everything you need to know about Ariat before you […]

Kakadu Oilskin: From Jackets to Hats

Kakadu Oilskin Jacket

From down under, Kakadu Traders provides Sterling Leather with outdoor gear that can be worn to protect you from the elements or to help style your wardrobe. Kakadu traders is known for their oilskin coats and hats. This special material is very versatile, durable, and hard to find. This family owned company is one of […]

Cowboy Boots: Finding the Brand to Match Your Style


Cowboy boots, like Dan Post boots, are no longer reserved just for cowboys. Now they are an important statement in nearly every wardrobe. They are very versatile and can make quite a statement. However, they can be an intimidating purchase for first-timers. Here’s what you need to look for in your first pair of cowboy […]

What to Wear With Your Cowboy Boots

Lone Pine

Now that you have your new pair of Lucchese Boots (1883 brand), Justin Boots, or Tony Lama boots, do you know what to wear them with? Don’t think that you can only pair them with a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat! There are nearly endless possibilities for outfits. Here are a few style tips […]

Spring 2014 Looks with a Nod to Cowboy Couture

Tony Lama 100% Vaquero Mosto Tucson VF3036 Womens

We’ve already taken a look at how high fashion and Western wear intersected in the December show season, and with the Spring fashions already out, there are a number of key details that dovetail in with the seemingly “standard” western look without giving up the key elements of the style or having to put away […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Successfully Picking Your First Pair of Cowboy Boots

Lucchese 1883 Boots for Women

When someone tells you, “if the shoe fits, wear it,” they have probably never worn cowboy boots and we don’t recommend following their advice. Seriously, though, with all of the guides on the internet about finding the right sneakers for running or working out, it can be easy to forget that leather boots are part […]

Fashion Designers Agree: Western Boots Are In This Season

Tony Lama Womens Leather Boot

The worlds of pop culture and haute couture do not often intersect, but many recent fashion shows have models trotting up and down the catwalk in looks that aren’t that far removed from Sterling Leather’s collections, from jackets and coats to Tony Lama boots. Here are some key takeaways from Chanel’s show and other recent […]

Winter Care Tips for Leather Boots

Lucchese 1883 Wester Boot in Ostrich Leather

With the first snow already blanketing Pennsylvania, fashions that would have worked in the fall may need a little bit of help to survive not just the slush and melting snow, but also road salt and sand that can do serious damage to an otherwise great pair of options like those from Justin Boots and […]