Back to basics with Tony Lama

In a world where most people battle daily to keep up with the latest fashion trends, it’s always nice to go back to basics. Take a break from the flashy, sequined styles of today and appreciate western fashion in its most fundamental form. With brands such as Corral and Old Gringo constantly coming out with new intricate designs for their boots, many often loose sight of the simplicity that other brands offer. Many manufacturers make basic cowboy boots for everyday wear. Tony Lama is one such manufacturer. Tony Lama takes pride in their American made product while offering a quality product that is sure to be both affordable and comfortable.

Personally, Tony Lama is my brand of choice and my favorite ladies’ style is the Peanut Siagets Worn Goat from the El Paso collection. This boot has a N toe and a 43 heel which gives the boot a feminine look and yet is not as high as a fashion heel. Take my word for it, these boots are comfortable! They also run true to size which makes online shopping easier. In addition, this boot is only $194 with free shipping! You can’t beat that.

The Peanut Siagets is the perfect basic boot. Because of the beautiful white stitching decorating the upper part of this boot, it can be worn with shorts or a skirt in the spring and summer. In the cooler months, they look great with leggings or skinny jeans. In the winter, this boot completes any outfit whether you are wearing boot cut jeans and a sweater or even a blazer and dress shirt. The color is comparable to a distressed chestnut which goes with both black and brown. Another bonus to a distressed boot is that the more you wear it and beat it up, the better it looks!

Tony Lama also offers many simple yet ruggedly fashionable styles of boots for their male consumers. One such boot is the Americana Java Conquistador Shoulder. This boot has a R toe and a 4 heel. Like the ladies’ Peanut Siagets, the Java Conquistador is extremely comfortable and versatile in that men can dress it up as well as down and wear it on a variety of occasions.

It is a perfect boot for someone purchasing their first pair or even for the man who has a large boot collection and is simply looking for an affordable, everday boot.

For many years, Tony Lama has been able to keep up with the ever-changing styles of the western fashion world. Even today, with stiff competition from manufacturers like Lucchese and Frye, Tony Lama holds it’s own. The two previously mentioned boots are merely a sampling of what Tony Lama has to offer in terms of their styles. Make sure to browse the rest of the collection on Sterling Leather’s website!




  1. I wish some day to visit Tony Lama factory and watch them step by step and see how do they making those
    perfect boots

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