Best Western Fashion Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Western Wear Valentine's Day

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you find yourself stressing about the appropriate gift to give the fashion-savvy love of your life. Customary gifts such as flowers, chocolate, candy and teddy bears are off your list, but you still have no idea what to replace it with? You need something that will be warmly appreciated. Go Western – the gift ideas are varied and inspiring. Here are some of the best Western fashion gift ideas you’ll find for your Valentine.

1. Cowboy/Cowgirl Boots

A Western outfit without the signature boots is simply incomplete. Cowboy boots have their own character, which can be matched to an individual’s personality. Whether your special Valentine rides at the ranch or makes rounds on Rodeo Drive, the boots they wear can reflect the essence of their individuality. The choices among fine cowboy boots will set your fashion taste alight. From color, to style, to brand, you will find something to give as the ideal Valentines gift.

A real cowboy/cowgirl who values comfort and authenticity will really treasure a pair of Dan Post boots. This line is well known for their handcrafted cushion comfort. Other beautiful, fine quality cowgirl boots are made by top brands such as Dingo Boots and Lucchese. These boots are made for fashion and made to last. Cowboy boots make a perfect gift of love because they are here to stay.

2. Cowboy Hats

What is a Western outfit without the cowboy hat to top it off? These hats are a definite fashion statement that can be identified from a distance. Cowboy hats have long enjoyed the adoration of mankind because of their unique style and function. They remain the most prominent symbol of an era when the “Wild, Wild West” was a dominant part of America’s existence. Popular brands include the well-loved Stetson and the modern handcrafted Scala. The contoured lines of a Western hat give character to the cowboy or cowgirl on whose head it sits.

3. Belts for Men

That bit of leather that holds the cowboy’s pants about his waist means more to him than you may realize. It is never just another belt. Men often form a lasting relationship with their Western-style belts so much so that even when it obviously needs to be retired, they find it hard to part with it. A belt from top brands such as Justin, Ariat and Lucchese will never go unappreciated because these are brands the cowboy knows he can trust.

4. Leather Wallets

Men love wallets and consider having one in their back pocket as a part of their complete attire. One of the last things they’ll do before leaving the house is tuck their wallet into their back pocket. A leather wallet will make the ideal gift for your Valentine.

5. Handbags

As wallets are to men, so are handbags to women. Many women simply love to get a nice unique handbag. The top brands include Anuschka, Victoria Leather and American West Leather. You can select the color and style that best match the taste and personality of your Valentine.

Your Valentine gift does not have to be boring or the usual, and searching for one definitely does not have to cause you any stress. These Western gift ideas give you an abundance of options.

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