Channel Your Favorite Celebrity with a Pair of Cowboy Boots

You’re in the market for a new pair of cowboy boots, but you are lacking inspiration. Look no further for your Western-wear ideas than our top five celebrity cowboy boot fans! Whether you’re a glamour-loving girl or a casual country chick, there’s a star out there who is bound to channel the look you’re craving.

1)    Jessica Simpson
Smoky Mountain Boots Western Leather
Self-confessed shoe addict Jessica loves her favorite footwear so much that she even sang a song about her beloved boots. Even if you’re not blessed with her long limbs, you can still take inspiration from her style. For Jessica, it’s all about the glitz and glam, so it’s no wonder she’s a big fan of a higher heel for her Western boots. Look for added bling to really echo Jessica’s look. Check out the Smoky Mountain Boots Western Leather Slouch for a pair that won’t break the bank but will guarantee you turn heads, whether you’re hanging in the mall or off on a girls’ night out. Also worth checking out are the Smoky Mountain Boots Western Leather Magnolia, which are eye-catching enough to add that sultry Simpson touch to even the most subdued outfit. If you’re not quite confident enough to try a pair of Jessica’s miniscule hot pants, opt for skinny jeans instead.

2)    Britney Spears

Despite living a rollercoaster life of ups and downs, one of Britney’s constants is her cherished boot collection. Copy her cute cowgirl looks with a new pair of western boots. Britney’s boot style tends to be fairly bold. She favors bright patterns and sleek, slim designs. Have a look at the Corral Boots Yellow/Red/Turquoise Butterfly for boots that are so beautiful you’re bound to leave a trail of love-struck suitors even if you don’t possess Britney’s looks. She also knows the bonuses of something more subtle, though, and is often snapped in a neutral shade of boot such as brown, but with interesting embellishments to keep things different. Try Star Boots Cowboy with Flower Inlay for your own take on this look. If you’re anything like Britney, nothing is out of bounds in terms of the rest of your outfit. But, as a guide, you can’t go wrong with a mid-thigh flower-print dress. Pair with leggings for chillier days or if you’re not in the mood to flash the flesh.

3)    Alicia Keys

Classy and polished Alicia’s red-carpet style proves cowboy boots don’t always have to be rugged. Follow in her footsteps by choosing boots that will take you from treading the sidewalks to a trendy new restaurant. Again, high heels are worth considering, and darker is better for adding a dramatic yet smart twist to evening wear. Star Boots Fashion Rocco Leather would look suitably stylish teamed with tight-fitting pants, while their Metallic Stingray Triad are just begging to be matched with a gray, fitted evening dress for a sophisticated evening ‘do. It’s key to keep the rest of your outfit streamlined if you want to take cowboy boots out somewhere elegant after dusk. Don’t get tempted by big, billowing frocks or frilly styles. Keep it simple, with straight lines and slim fits.

4) Miley Cyrus in Black Harness Frye Boots   Miley Cyrus

Miley looks so at home wearing cowboy boots, you’d think she was born in them. You may not be the offspring of a country singer, but you can still steal her style when it comes to which boots to buy. Miley’s such a fan, there’s not many a variation on the Western theme that she’s not tried. For those new to the cowgirl theme, make like an A-lister on a day off and go for a classic pair of brown boots such as Frye’s Billy Pull On, which will go with so much in your closet that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. Like Miley, pair them with blue jeans and a trendy tee for a cool but casual look. Another of her favorite looks is a pair of bright, look-at-me boots with an otherwise simple ensemble. You can’t go wrong with a pair of red Nocona Boots Competitor Slouch with black skinny jeans and a vest top.

5)    Taylor Swift

Taylor heralded a new era for Western boots by teaming them with a pretty dress. Since then, where Swift has led, shoppers have followed. There have even been a few brides who’ve been brave enough to don their favorite boots with their bridal gowns. Expand your horizons by teaming your footwear with something more daring than denim and checked shirts. Reach for a muted pair of boots in brown or black, and you’re good to go. Keep your dress either plain or with a small print, but don’t be afraid to consider flouncy styles. This look is all about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. Stetson Boots Fashion Leather in Ficcini Tan are about as versatile as they come for daytime casual; the black version are smart enough for dressier occasions but would look equally at home with a demure peasant-style dress and cardigan.

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