Favorite Online Style Resources Part 2: Wanelo

I’m finally ready now to continue with our style resource guide.  The site that I’m going to talk about today is really a personal favorite of mine.  I not only use this site to find unique and unusual items of clothing, but they also find some of the most interesting household items I have ever seen!  The site is called Wanelo which is, I think, a really cute play on Want Need Love.

The thing that I love the most about this site is that I always feel inspired after a visit.  Whether that means I’m compelled to buy a really cool pair of vintage riding boots, or find the perfect handmade dress to go with the latest addition to my shoe collection, I always have the best time scrolling through the pages and pages of items.  It also invigorates my artistic side and I often find that I am coming up with creative project ideas after browsing Wanelo.

The site actually works a lot like Polyvore, where you install a tool into your browser and it allows you to clip items from your favorite sites.  You can also create wish lists to share with your friends and family, or collections of items that you may want to save for future use.  Many of the items are one of a kind, and therefore a little bit on the pricey side, but if nothing else you are sure to appreciate the sheer creativity, innovation, and inspiration that is harbored on this one little slice of the web.

Here is just a small sample of the items that I have found (and LOVED) on Wanelo.  Enjoy!

For your next party… Cowboy Boot shot glasses?

cowboy boot shot glasses

Unique Shearling lined moccasins

really fun Shearling Moccasins


And just for fun… A HAMBURGER BED!  Where else can you see that?!?

Hamburger Bed


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