Love Your Cowboy Boots

Tony Lama BootsLike a well worn pair of jeans, nothing says comfort and style like an old pair of leather cowboy boots. Whether you are buying a pair of boots for the newest fashion style, or you need durable outdoor boots, nothing competes with the quality and craftsmanship of cowboy boots. High quality brands such as Old Gringo, still make hand-crafted leather boots that embody the spirit and style of the Old West. If you’ve never bought cowboy boots before, this short guide can help you choose what type of boot is best for you.

Know Your Size

Unlike other types of footwear that rely on laces to hold the foot in place, a cowboy boot depends on the instep to hold the shoe in place. For those who don’t know, the instep is the area between the heel and ball of the foot. When you try on the boot, the instep should fit snugly into place. Likewise, the ball of the foot should be on the ball of the boot. If the ball of your foot can’t reach the ball of the boot, your instep area is too small and you need a smaller size boot.

Also, take note that most cowboy boots, not just the fashionable ones, have a narrow heel. In new boots you might feel a little slip in the heel as you walk. This is due to the stiffness of the heel material, but once the boot gets broken in, the stiffness will wear away and you won’t slip at all.

Leg Fits are Important

When was the last time you thought about the size of your calves? The calf muscle is the back of the lower part of your leg, between your knee and your ankle. While some boots, mainly those designed for women, are no higher than the ankle, most cover some part of the calves. This could be a problem for people with very large calf muscles, since the boot won’t fit right if it’s too tight around the calves. Those with wider legs should select a style with a looser top fit.

Care for Your Boots

Once you’ve purchased boots with the perfect fit, you need to care for them. Knowing what they are made of helps you maintain them properly. Most boots are made from cowhide leather, which needs to be conditioned with polish from time to time using a rag. Some boots, however, are made out of suede, a specially treated type of leather. Do not use leather conditioner on suede as this will actually discolor the boot. Also, if your boots are made out of a more exotic leather, like crocodile skin, be sure to buy reptile conditioner, not cowhide leather conditioner.

Take your time to explore all the styles and brands of cowboy boots. Many types, like Old Gringo boots, combine fashionable designs with functional elements, making each pair unique. By choosing a proper fit and treating the boots with care, they can last for years.

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