Minnetonka Store Spotlight

Sterling Leather’s dedication to providing consumers with a large selection of moccasins was recently rewarded by Minnetonka when the company chose Sterling Leather to be featured in their August “Store Spotlight” blog.

The story was mainly geared towards the background behind both the Peddler’s Village and New Hope Sterling Leather locations and sought to reveal just how significant a presence Minnetoka has within the stores.

Minnetonka also focused on what makes Peddler’s Village and New Hope “must see” destinations and asked Sterling Leather’s owner, Stan Rubinstein to divulge the stores’ top-selling styles of moccasins.

Check out the entire interview with Stan and browse Minnetonka’s website!

Upon entering either Sterling Leather location, one of the first things to be noticed is undoubtedly the Minnetonka displays. The displays are centrally located within each store and only add to the western theme embodied by both stores. Sterling Leather prides itself with the fact that it both displays and stocks most of the styles Minnetonka has to offer. As an added bonus, we drop ship moccasins to customers if we do not have their size in stock. And of course, the consumer can visit www.sterlingleather.com to shop online where they will find the same variety and quality customer service.

Men’s and ladies’ styles are separated from one another and are then broken down further into individual styles. For example, the Thunderbird collection is different from the suede kilty moccasin in that the Thunderbird collection has a beaded bird design on the top of the shoe. As a result, the two styles are displayed separately on the shelves.

Pictured left is another one of our Minnetonka displays. This one showcases our fringe boots and pug boots for men, ladies, and children. The customer is able to view the entire boot collection Minnetonka has to offer while also being able to feel and touch the product.

Last, but certainly not least, the picture on the right gives insight into the men’s Minnetonka collection here at Sterling Leather. Gentlemen can choose from shearling slippers, boat shoes, and regular deer and moosehide moccasins. There’s something for everyone here at Sterling Leather!




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