Rocking Ramones, Perfectly Perfecto!

Perfectly Perfecto



A hop, skip, and train ride away in Queens, New York you will hear stories of the first punk rock band created, The Ramones.  Let’s imagine the rocking underground world in New York where the vibrating sounds emerged and The Ramones took off.   The Ramones were related by solely the punk rock music created for their albums.  The name became defined as the band made their music famous with over 2,000 concerts, 14 albums and their perfecto jackets.   This punk-rocking  band in the 70’s were the Perfectos of the Perfecto, literally.

The Ramones rocked their Perfecto jackets because that is as rocking as you get.  Perfecto Jackets are made by the Schott Company in New York City.  Schott became the name in classic American jackets for decades, and this still holds true today.  Schott was the first company that revolutionized outerwear for Americans by adding a zipper to the jackets. Thank you Schott! As for the Ramones, they rocked their perfectos.  The Perfecto spirit is created by the hands of trained craftspeople. They are cut and sewn to fill the persona the Perfecto gives to the wearer. Perfectos, made by Schott, are perfect for the rebel inside screaming to come out.  Do you dare listen to the dark voice that says “Lets rock out perfectly in a perfecto?” Come’on The Ramones did.



Pictures courtesy of GQ

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