Sleepy Pattinson

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, with Robert Pattinson being the focus shot one word comes to mind, heaven.  Robert Pattinson, the UK native is a natural with smoothness and fashion, which makes ladies fall for the well known bloodsucking vampire in the Twilight Series.  Pattinson poses in the December issue of Vanity Fair magazine falling asleep, or pretends to, in his Clarks Desert Boots.

Clark boots creates iconic styles for both men and women.  The Desert boot for both women and men come in a plethora of stunning colors. This is a style that will remain in its place as the stylishly classic look in the ever changing fashion world.  Clark boots are an artesian style shoe collection that provides superior quality with elegance. Clarks commits itself to being a company that does not compromise comfort for fashion.  Each style provides the sense of softness and flexibility that can not be compared to any other.  Each collection has its own unique comfort for every type occasion.  If you want to relax like Pattinson reading a book in style, the desert boots are you.  Whether it’s a stroll in the city life during day into the catching up with friends at the local hot spot the Clarks Casual Collection fits for all those moments in between.

Let’s be honest, we’ll take any opportunity just to look at Pattinson, but since he is now rocking this style shoe, we have to praise the fashion sense of the handsome vampire, making it all the better.

Pictures provided by: Vogue

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