Sterling Leather’s New Look!

Ladies’ Coats

One of the only things constant in life is change. Sterling Leather’s doors first opened in 1981, thirty two years ago! At the time, there was a Peddler’s Village store, a New Hope store, and a boutique specializing in dresses. Ever since, Sterling Leather has been  providing customers with a unique western fashion shopping experience. Originally owned and operated by the Sterlings, both the New Hope and Peddler’s Village stores switched ownership in 1993. At the time, Sterling Leather was located next to the Flower Shop, which is pretty much across the street from it’s current location in Peddler’s Village.

Men’s Coats

Years later, sensing the need for change, the business was expanded and Sterling Leather’s website was launched in 2004. This was a key moment in Sterling Leather’s history. With the Internet boom, it became essential to market and sell online. The website also allowed more merchandise to be displayed. With only ten percent of the merchandise available for purchase in the retail stores, customers suddenly had the ability to be sized in whatever brand of boot, jacket, etc. they were interested in, and then go home and peruse ninety percent more inventory on the website!

As the company continued to grow, it soon became evident that more space was needed, not only to house more inventory, but to allow for the Internet business to expand and thrive. In 2009 Sterling Leather took the plunge and relocated to a bigger store within Peddler’s Village in which both retail and Internet could flourish, as separate entities. The new store is nestled within the main green of Peddlers Village which coincidentally also sees the most foot traffic.

Here we are, four years later, and yet again it was time for a change. Initially in the Peddler’s Village store, all footwear was displayed on the third floor of the retail store, furs were kept on the second floor in a side room, and all outerwear was put on the lowest level. Purses, belts, and wallets were displayed on the second, or main, level. Needless to say, the store was flipped upside down, literally!

Boot Room

Coats are now displayed on the top level of the store by style, for easier shopping. Furs found their home again in their signature room, and all footwear is now on the bottom level! The store looks completely different! With less clutter and cleaner lines, the retail store is easier to shop.

Another exciting element of our renovations has been the expansion of our Sale Boot Room. Beautiful wooden shelves were installed which afforded us with the opportunity to display our sale boots, which have limited sizes, in true Nashville fashion! No boxes getting in your way, no mess, just endless amounts of boots for phenomenal prices!

Sale Boots

As earlier mentioned, change is constant. As things evolve with time, change is necessary and essential. Whether you are a local customer who regularly shops with us, or a tourist looking to pick up a fresh pair of boots or Minnetonkas, we hope that you stop in to take a look at the new renovations here at Sterling Leather. We love our new look and hope you will too!

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